Michele and I

Where oh where to begin? Let us try the beginning…

It had been well over two years since my last real relationship had ended and since then, I’d done little more then waste a good deal of money on a few good times and some fun memories (no offense ladies, all 3 of you). Then, on a sunny blue sky Saturday in mid-March, on a rooftop in downtown Chicago as I watched the river die green…it happened.

-St. Patrick’s Day, 2012.

Anyone who knows me also knows I’m a hopeless romantic. And I’d spent the past 24 months or so, proving it. But on this day, as I drank green beer and ogled at the view with my good friend Brian I had little idea how, by the end of the night, everything would change. I’d only recently begun “talking” (the new-age term for “chasing” or “courting”) with a young Whirlpool engineer named Michele. Michele and I were both committee leads for the Whirlpool Young Professional’s Network so we’d met earlier in the year. Brought together, in small part, by a mutual friend, we’d been carrying on a conversation based heavily on an agreed fandom of everything College Basketball (it was March after all, remember?). On this day however, the topic changed. By mid-day we’d spent a majority of the time casually drinking and joking between the 2, 3, 4, and sometimes 5 to 10 of us all up on the Chicago rooftop. Just as the afternoon was peaking, and the daytime party was about to conclude, I suddenly felt my mouth saying things my mind had only recently come up with…3 minutes later, we had a date on the schedule for that following Wednesday.

It has been over 6-months since that fateful day on the roof in downtown Chicago. In July Michele moved down to Tulsa, OK for a 6-month work assignment at a Whirlpool Factory, she’ll be back in January. We talk every evening and facetime on our iPads/iPhones almost every night. I can honestly say, I’ve never found it so easy to spend time, share life, and fall in love, with another person.

As I tell myself every day, I’m a lucky guy. Hopefully, I’m on to something.


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