I’ve been inspired to write…by reading

Common sense right [the title]? Perhaps thats why they say “its not so common”.

2012 has been a tumultuous year, but not for the many reasons that often follow such a word. For starters, I’ve endured (or perhaps enjoyed, if we’re being honest) a great deal of change over the past 10 months. I’ve made new friends, met new people, started a new relationship, and in just about every aspect that means anything to me, I’ve entirely changed my life. Stepping out of poor eating habits, I stepped into the gym. Putting down the game controller, I picked up the guitar. And for my latest trick, I’ll be eliminating the excuses and finally turning my thoughts into words.

For anyone who’s read anything I’ve posted online before, this next bit should be no surprise. The difference however is the source my newfound motivation. For as the title implies, I’ve found new inspiration to get on with my writing…and once again, I did so by reading.

A Personal Diaspora” is the title of a little known web blog beautifully crafted and manicured by a friend of mine, Kevin Laughlin. Now Kevin may not posses the digital marketing skills necessary to get his blog featured on Digg, or Reddit, or any other online aggregator, but in short I’m not sure he’d be interested. For, in its simplest form, “A Personal Diaspora” is but a public storage unit that Kevin uses to offload his saddled mind. Through reflectional narratives of varying depths, and intriguing, if not controversial, argumentative essays, the contents of “A Personal Diaspora” is as diverse as the diction and syntax and that compose it.

So where am I going with all of this? Simple really. As of late I’ve started a dialogue with Kevin. One through wich I’d like to think both sides have found some inspiration. I however, more then he, have found the inspiration and, let us hope, the talent to write and to write often.  As should be evident by the revamped look and feel, I plan to re-begin-again (3rd times a charm) my writing.

So check back here, and check back often…I’m pretty much almost mostly completely serious this time.


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