The Big Switch could become The Big Paper [I hope] – my new book

So I’ve got to write a paper, needless to say I’m not sycked. Its not a short one, 10 to 15 pages, and its not a simple one, select an emerging technology and write about how it either is, or could be a competative advantage. I’ve chosen the cloud, cloud computing that is, on the premis that the ermerging technological innovations surrounding it will undoubedly affect the way many current companies do business as well as the business models of many current and future startups. More on the book I bought, Nicholas Carr’s new one, The Big Switch, to help me achive this miricle of paper, in a later post as I hope to being posting at a much higher rate. No joke! I’ve made it an Outlook Task, its so totally official, before long it will be as much a part of my weekly routine as sex, alcohol, TWIT, MacBreak Weekly, and Buzz Out Loud…I’m just kidding, alcohol isn’t ALWAYS weekly, only when I can afford it 😉